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Our Philosophy


Vision gnR is a commodities exploration house, focusing on Emerging Markets including frontier markets of Africa, Asia and Latin America.  Our focus is on bringing new assets to the market, including conducting feasibility studies, business plans, capital raising and exploration.  


Diversification is key to the success of our model.  By combining numerous assets in various jurisdiction, we offer investors a very diversified portfolio of assets, that albeit if looked on a stand alone basis could at times seem risky, though via being grouped together offer a well structured investment profile.  Our key risks are that of geopolitical stability and exploration risks, both that are totally independent from project to project.  The fact that there is a civil war in one country, is totally independent of the same events happening in other countries, and while the emergence of democratic capital focus states is a trend and possibly correlated, this is not our risk. Our risk are civil wars, sudden government changes, nationalisations, all that are not linked from country to country.  

In addition we are well diversified both in terms of Assets and in terms of Asset classes, offering additional safeguard to commodities price risks.  In particular by being heavily exposed to Precious Metals we are hedged against possible commodity cyle downturns. 


Vision gnR believes in relationships, including working with local communities to ensure that they are a stakeholder in the business.  It is essential for us to ensure that the risk of moral hazard and adverse selection are minimized, and only via incorporating the local people we are able to be seen as partners rather than exploiters.  In addition the experience of our management in dealing with the Emerging Market countries ensures that our approach is trully unique, recognizing unique cultures of each country and modus oparendi in the business world.  Indeed our relationships are key strength of our company.

Economies of Scale

Key indegriend of our success is our ability to benefit from our scale.  Our global reach enables us to combine many transactions in all asset classes, and when these deals are combined they form transactions of significant importance to our financiers, suppliers, and off-takers.  We use economies of scale to our advantage working closely with leading trading houses and leading export agencies.