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Vision gnR combine 30 – 40 projects and arrange financing and contracts at Group level
  - Vision gnR will provide financing and expertise to take these projects to the Production Phase
  - Vision gnR will initially own 51% of the projects
  - Local partners will own 49% of the projects
  - Unique setup of diversified company, what benefits risky jurisdictions
  - Diversified setup diversified riskier projects
  - Unique combination of global thinking and local acting

Each project will be subsequently individually listed on the Stock Exchange enabling
   - full monetization of its value by both Vision gnR and the other shareholders
   - obtaining additional equity needed to take the project inside Production Phase
   - Vision gnR will remain as a shareholder, or with time it will be bought out by other shareholders

Other Advantages of working at Group level with Vision gnR
   - Structuring, Financing, Product, R&D Expertise
   - Support of Vision Finance and Vision Holding
   - Ability to obtain Financing at group level at cheaper costs, as projects are diversified 
   - Ability to obtain Export Insurance for the purchases of mining equipment and hydro turbines as transaction notionals will be of significant notional and importance to the manufacturing countries larger.  Vision Finance has experience with obtaining such export insurance transactions.
   - Ability to benefit from combined experience of global geologists and managers

Vision Finance is structured with the right set on incentives and social responsibility.