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Organizational Structure


Vision gnR is a holding company for various assets.  Vision gnR always maintains the majority ownership in the projects.  Projects are located throughout the Emerging Markets, and focus on various assets.  The operation roles of the projects, except the key decisions including selection of subcontractors are usually managed at the Project location.  The roles of purchasing, financing and arrangement of the off-take agreements are done at the Vision gnR level of the company.

In addition to being direcly involved in Natural Resources projects, Vision gnR is active in Resarch & Development activities ensuring that the company has full capacity to optimise the efficiency of the projects it conducts.

Strategic Partnership with Vision Finance

Vision gnR is a part of Vision Holdings.  A key partner within Vision Holdings is Vision Finance which cooperates with Vision gnR in the following areas:

1. financing of the projects, including equity, debt instruments, project finance and securitisations
2. brokerage of commodity transactions and assistance in arrangement and financing of the off-take agreements
3. negotiations with Eximbanks supply contracts for machinery and other equipment
4. other selected financial advisory functions

Management of the Company

The company is managed by the five member Management Team.  

The Management Team is supervised by five member Supervisory Board.

The Management Team is given recommendations by the Management Committee.

In the issue of the analysis of the projects The Management Committee is given recommendations by the Geological Committee.