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Supervisory Board


The Supervisory Board comprises of the representatives of the shareholders of the company, including Vision Holdings and respective investors from the pension funds.

The role of the Chairperson of the committee is taken by representative of Vision Holdings.  In the event of the equal number of votes, the vote of the Chairman counts as double.  The Board also has an externally hired secretary that is responsible for the coordination of meetings, designation of agenda, distribution of materials and collection of minutes from the meetings.  The current secretary is xxx and he can be contacted on xxx@xxx.com.

The Policy for the Supervisory Board is downloadable below.  The agenda and minutes of the meetings are naturally confidential.

The Board meets on the bi-monthly basis on each third Tuesday of the month, or the next working day if it happens to be a bank holiday in either United Kingdom or United States.  The meetings are conducted via online meeting of Vision gnR, apart from the annual general meeting (AGM) when the meetings are conducted in person.