VF Agriculture Fund I  is a closed-end fund that combines 30 agricultural projects in Emerging Markets totalling USD50m.
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The Fund has the expected target return of 25%, combining investments into the following areas:

1.  Palm Oil
2.  Princess Tree  - the worlds fastest growing hardwood
3.  Various Biofuels
4   Other plantations

The rates of return per hectare are between 5,000 - 10,000 USD.

As arrangement and management fee, Vision gnR is paid 1% if the returns are positive, 2% if the returns are above 5%, 3% for returns above 10% and 20% of the upside above 15%.

Detailed information about portfolio composition, fund strategy and legal status, is available by contacting our Funds team on funds@visiongnr.com or by completing the form on the right hand.