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Global demand for agriculture is constantly increasing.  Furthermore there is a significant continuation of shift to higher consumption, what also poses a significant strain on the available land.

Agricultural fund takes into account not only the growing demand for agricultural products, but also the maximisation of the yields on the land (usually via hardwood or biofuels), as well as use of the latest biotechnology in making the additional value added.  Many of the inventions on which Vision gnR is working on are sources from our own in-house Biotechnology research.

Hydroelectricity should be created where possible, as it represents almost a perpetual source of electricity.  Every year that the sites that can be used, such as Inga 3 in DRC, or 35,000 MW in Nepal, is the day when we waste the electricity that we make using coal, or other non-renewable resources.

At Vision Finance we aim to arrange many Hydroelectricity deals, including control of costs, arrangement of offtake agreements, Eximbank Insurance.  Vision gnR further enhances this platform with the in-house Hydroelectricity research, as well as the in-house Electricty Transmission research, which will enable utilisation of much more geographically isolated places (usually the mountains).


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