Vision Finance

Strategic Partnership with Vision Finance

Both Vision gnR and Vision Finance are part of Vision Holdings.  Vision gnR cooperates with Vision Finance in the following areas:

1. financing of the projects, including equity, debt instruments, project finance and securitisations
2. brokerage of commodity transactions and assistance in arrangement and financing of the off-take agreements
3. negotiations with Eximbanks supply contracts for machinery and other equipment
4. other selected financial advisory functions

Vision gnR has no obligation to work with Vision Finance though as both companies are dealing with Emerging Markets the copperation is proving highly beneficial to both parties.

About Vision Finance

Vision Finance provides customized corporate finance and capital brokerage services to the clients located in the Emerging Markets.  

Its local presence in 30 countries, 21 industry teams, extensive product expertise and superior strategically focused distribution capabilities make it the ideally positionned company to assist clients with structuring and arrangement of any financing needs and expansion plans.

Its unique market strengths are:

1. Local based origination capabilities via the extensive network of senior people who understand the local business and have the proven track record of achievement in their respecive countries

2. Superior products and solutions, customised via extensive structuring experience to the needs of the Emerging Markets

3. Distribution directly to top 30 Sovereign Wealth Funds, who collectively control USD 3.2 trillion, equivalent to 12.7% of global GDP. Our conflict of interest free model, non recourse model makes us their originator of choice.  We show all the transactions  that we have identified as potentially interesting to our clients.

Its unique business strengths are:

1.  Pure brokerage house, meaning that it does not use the balance sheet, hence it does not compete for business with its investors. 

All its transactions are also structured in such ways so that that there is no recourse to Vision Finance

Vision Finance, structures transaction including performance gaurantees, credit export agency agreements, reinsurance contracts with supernational entities.

2.  Highly efficient business model, with the use of latest technology that enables it to maximise the efficiency of its key people.  It has centralised global point of intelligence enabling smooth processing of information between any two countries in the world. 

Its unique capital consists of three components:  

1.  Its Relationships, superior to all itscompetitors, where single banker per country represents all business products, facilitating discussions on various forms of financing products, M&A and deeper level of strategy.  This holistic approach is key in EM world. 

2.  It has Conflict Free model of Distribution Platform, focused on thirty investors who collectively represent USD 3.2 trillion of assets.  It has extensive SWF expertise, including dedicated staff that deal with research, analysis and trends in the SWF sector.

3.  Its innovation, ensuring proper structuring of transactions to maximise efficiency and minimise client transaction costs.  It has developed its own proprietary models including Implied EM CDS spreads for all EM countries, and Vision Finance Sovereign Ratings that take into account both credit risk inflation risk, advanced commodity brokerage solutions and hedging capabilities. 

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